10 Best Places to Retire in Asia Comfortably

Asia as a continent boasts some of the Best cost-friendly places to retire. It has a good number of world-historic places, as well as wonders of the world with a beautiful diversity of culture alongside ancient towns. It offers everything from lush, tropical rainforests to bustling mega-cities, it is one of the world’s most varied and interesting place. With an increasing number of Western retirees seeking an ‘escape’ from the fast-paced life that they are used to, and Asia offering a cultural experience that’s second-to-none, the number of retirees seeking peace, comfort, and financial security in Asia has continued to increase. The places and countries mentioned in this video have a great mix of modern conveniences, creature comforts, an affordable cost of living, and a unique look on life. From mega-cities to small towns, Here are the Best Places to Retire in Asia.

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