10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in USA | Cost of Living

The vast majority of Americans live in cities. These cities share one thing in common. They offer residents a chance to grow rich in culture, greater job opportunities, a promising standard of living, high-per capita income, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and much more. This is probably why a vast majority of the population are drawn to these places. Having said that, the downsides are that you’ll definitely need to work on ways to deal with the skyrocketing prices for rent and housing. The amounts you pay for services, transportation, internet, energy, water and gas all contribute towards the overall cost of living. And these are few of the metrics taken into account for ranking the cities mentioned in this video. but keep in mind The cost of living in each city does not paint the whole picture when it comes to affordability.
So here are 10 most expensive cities to live in USA.

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