10 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate & Buy Property

Why Invest in Real Estate? There are many ways to begin investing in real estate from conventional to creative and almost everyone can quickly learn the ins and outs to begin their real estate investment journey. It has many advantages over investing in stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Real estate offers predictable cash flow; it appreciates in value, thus keeping up with inflation; it provides a higher return because of positive leverage; and it offers equity growth through debt reduction. Apart from that, you get to use rental income – which you use to pay off your initial investment and generate great monthly cash flow. No other asset provides the same benefits – all at the same time – that real estate investment does.
So here are 10 reasons to invest in Real estate.
00:00 - intro
00:56 - Real estate can be leveraged
01:52 - Its a Controlled Asset
02:43 - Diversifying portfolio
03:35 - Tax Benefits
04:22 - Passive Cash flow
05:12 - Price Appreciation
06:02 - Price is Flexible
06:39 - Better Returns then Stocks
07:27 - Its easier to get Started
08:09 - Its Safe

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