12 Best Places(Regions) to Live or Retire in Italy

For Many Italy is an extremely attractive option to live or retire in. It is famous for being a nation of art, fashion, history and is seen by many as the cradle of European culture. In this video we have mentioned some of the best regions to reside in Italy. All of these regions vary slightly from one another, Some of them are well known for their delicious food and wine with imposing alps and a vast countryside, while others boast plentiful of sun and rich culture with amazing coastal areas on the Mediterranean sea. What’s more, the cost of living in some of these places is very budget-friendly but of course it all comes down to ones lifestyle Choices. When it comes to visa’s in Italy; All EU citizens have the right to free movement, while US and Canadian citizens can stay up to three months without visa. But if they wish to retire they need to provide proof of annual income of at least $36,000.
Nonetheless, here are 12 Best regions to live or retire in Italy.

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