12 Best Places to Live or Retire in Andalusia, Spain

If you are thinking about living or retiring in Spain consider one of the largest autonomous regions of Spain, Andalusia. It borders the country’s southern belt and extends downwards to the strait of Gibraltar. It is possibly the region that defines Spain in the minds of foreigners; from beaches to quaint whitewashed villages, flamenco to fiestas, this region has it all, including many well developed popular cities, Communes and a wide selection of famous small towns featuring splendid and unique architecture. The places listed in this video are some of the best to retire or live in this region. What’s more, despite the popularity of some of these places, the average cost of living is still very affordable and the region has cheap real estate on offer. As a whole, it is perfect for retirees, remote workers and snowbirds who prefer a lively lifestyle.
So, here are 12 places to live comfortably in Andalucía Spain

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