12 Best Places to Live or Retire in South-Eastern Spain

The Southeastern part of Spain encompasses all the major regions of the country Including Andalusia, Valencia, Murcia and Catalonia. In addition to the mainland, the archipelago of the Balearic islands is also situated on the South-Eastern part. So in conclusion, all the major areas to live, work, retire and even buy Property in Spain are geographically on the South eastern side of the country, facing directly at the Mediterranean Sea. Moving to this part of the country ensures a great quality of life, warm climate, first class Services, active lifestyle, fresh cuisines and of course amazing culture and events. Besides the essentials, the terrain and topography of some of the places might vary from one another, but collectively, All of the places listed in this video, are the prime hotspots for foreign nationals to live or retire in not just Southern or Eastern part, but the whole country.

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