12K HDR 60fps Dolby Vision | World of Animals

High Quality True HDR 12K VIDEO ULTRA HD 60FPS 240FPS , 120FPS , For Your 8K TV / 12K TV - Apple XDR TV , Samsung TV , LG TV , Sony HDR TV, OLED TV, QLED TV, iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, Asus Phone and your others 8K / 12K HDR Device.
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》This 8K / 12K HDR Demo video is make for Entertainment and Educational purposes.

》I have Done High Color Correction, Color Changing, Bit rate, Raw videos editing, Merge files, 12K Export file and more.

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》Scene Details:

00:00 iNTRO
00:06 A Beautiful Forest Bird
00:11 Red Panda
00:17 Cute little Squirrel Monkey
00:22 Ceylon Leopard
00:28 Peacock Butterfly
00:34 Big Red Parrot
00:40 Bush vipers Snake
00:46 Stray Ginger Cat
00:53 Eagle
01:00 Chilean flamingo
01:07 Green Military Macaw
01:14 Green Tree Python
01:21 Crocodiles
01:28: Zebra
01:35 Frog Blue and Yellow
01:41 Amazon milk Frog
01:48 European wild Cat
01:53 European wild Cat
01:59 Family of Gelada
02:07 Tropical Fish
02:14 Deer family
02:21 Cute Siberian Tiger
02:28 Snail
02:35 European Wild Cat
02:42 A Fluffy Cat
02:52 Wild Animals Elephant
03:00 Friesian Horse
03:07 Fat Meerkat
03:14 Butterfly
03:21 Asiatic Lion
03:28 Colorful Bird
03:35 Camel
03:42 Brown Bear
03:50 Tropical Fish
03:57 Tiger
04:04 Snow Leopard
04:11 Rhinoceros
04:18 Yellow Snail
04:18 Sea Turtle Swimming
04:35 Peregrine falcon Birds
04:43 White Milky stork
04:50 Snow Leopard
04:58 Sumatran Tiger
05:06 The monk Parakeet
05:18 Roe Deer
05:30 Red Panda
05:38 Portrait of male gorilla
05:47 Giraffe Giraffa
05:54 Portrait desert Cats
06:02 Meerkat
06:10 Deer family
06:16 Orange tortoiseshell Butterfly
06:24 Duck Group
06:32 Green Imperial Pigeon
06:40 Crocodiles
06:47 Brown ear
06:56 lemur-catta-monkey
07:04 Group of Chilean Flamingos
07:13 A domestic muscovy Duck
07:20 Cute Siberian Tiger
07:30 European Common Peacock Butterfly
07:38 A gray langur
07:45 Exotic tropical Fish
07:55 Black Stork
08:05 A Koala
08:12 Malayan Tiger
08:22 Ladybug Crawling
08:30 Little kitten
08:35 Black white kitten
08:42 Group of chilean Flamingos
08:50 Guinea pig eats Carrot
08:58 Adorable and pretty Cat
09:06 Snail
09:15 Eudocimus Ruber
09:24 Beautiful black Bird
09:32 American or rocky mountain Pika
09:40 Pink Flamingos
09:47 European Wild Cat
09:54 Desert Cats caracal or African Lynx
10:00 A domestic muscovy Duck
10:07 Deer family
10:13 Young Egyptian
10:20 Cape Ground Squirrel Eats
10:29 Eagle
10:37 End Scene

》Thumbnail Credits: Freepik
》Music in This Video:
1st Music: I Use Paid Music in this Video.
2nd Music: Trees by Roa https://soundcloud.com/roa_music1031
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0
Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/3Empkep
Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/GwoGGBMAZBE
》All Credits Goes to Youtube

© Disclaimer:
》All The Footage Used In this Video Licensed by 8K Earth.
》I Use Paid Stock Footage & All Pictures In My Channel.
》Video Footage Copyright Under Standard License.
》I tried to Present the Video in a new way by Changing the color of the Video.

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