15 Best Coastal Cities to Live or Retire in Europe (Sunny & Warm)

These are some of the best coastal cities in Europe to live or retire. Nowadays coastal cities have expanded on an unprecedented scale and are still growing. An extremely sophisticated and vast infrastructure is being developed in coastal areas to expand opportunities. Europe’s costal cities offer a lively atmosphere, a choice of great restaurants and elegant places to stay, as well as time to soak up the sun. These cities aren’t just popular for their art museums or raging nightlife scenes: They’re also home to some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. City break or beach holiday, there’s no need to choose as these are the best city breaks in Europe that offer mixture of both. But keep in mind that the cost of living in some of these beach cities might be very high depending upon the location.
So here are 15 Best Coastal Cities to Live in Europe.

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