15 Best Places to Live in Scandinavia (Nordic Countries)

A region on the Northern most part of Europe, Scandinavia typically includes the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. But in a border definition Nordic Countries like Finland and Iceland are also considered part of the region. For many, Scandinavian countries might not be first choice of consideration when moving abroad. The main reason for its lesser appeal is the terrible weather and sheer remoteness. Aside from the Drawback, Scandinavian countries have lots to offer; For example, all of them always rank on top spots for happiness, safety, quality of life, freedom and healthcare. Plus, Salaries in this part of the world are quite high and the work/life balance of its general population is ideal. Hence, this might be a great region for expats looking to find work abroad.
So from its Arctic wildernesses to shimmering fjords, here are 15 Best Places to Live in Scandinavia.

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