4K City Walks: London - Soho to Holiday Inn Express - Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

4K City Walks: London Soho to Hotel - Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video takes you from Soho to the Old Street Station area and our hotel (Holiday Inn Express) by way of the British Museum and Bloomsbury square as well as the Palace Theater where the Harry Potter play is so popular and the bustling Tottenham Court metro station. It's the evening rush hour and people are everywhere rushing around. A beautiful night for an energetic walk. If I made any mistakes or missed anything you think I should have covered, please let me know (kindly). Or if you are a local and have some good stories or insights, please share. We pass lots of classic and modern british pubs and estaurants and bars and hotels. The city is beautiful when the london weather cooperates.
This is the last of our London Walks for now but we'll keep bringing you new walks from the USA before we head back to Europe in December.

0:00 Starting out at Dean St and Old Compton St in SoHo
3:20 Palace Theater
8:32 Tottenham Court Metro Station
12:33 Bloomsbury Street
13:06 National Museum
16:36 Bloomsbury Square Garden
47:25 Old Street Station
54:32 London City Holiday Inn Express

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Soho is an area of the City of Westminster, part of the West End of London. Originally a fashionable district for the aristocracy, it has been one of the main entertainment districts in the capital since the 19th century.
The area was developed from farmland by Henry VIII in 1536, when it became a royal park. It became a parish in its own right in the late 17th century, when buildings started to be developed for the upper class, including the laying out of Soho Square in the 1680s. St Anne's Church was established during the late 17th century, and remains a significant local landmark; other churches are the Church of our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Gregory and St Patrick's Church in Soho Square. The aristocracy had mostly moved away by the mid-19th century, when Soho was particularly badly hit by an outbreak of cholera in 1854. For much of the 20th century Soho had a reputation as a base for the sex industry in addition to its night life and its location for the headquarters of leading film companies. Since the 1980s, the area has undergone considerable gentrification. It is now predominantly a fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and media offices, with only a small remnant of sex industry venues. London's gay community is centred on Old Compton Street in Soho.
Soho's reputation as a major entertainment district of London stems from theatres such as the Windmill Theatre on Great Windmill Street and the Raymond Revuebar owned by entrepreneur Paul Raymond, and music clubs such as the 2i's Coffee Bar and the Marquee Club. Trident Studios was based in Soho, and the nearby Denmark Street has hosted numerous music publishing houses and instrument shops from the 20th century onwards. The independent British film industry is centred around Soho, including the British headquarters of Twentieth Century Fox and the British Board of Film Classification offices. The area has been popular for restaurants since the 19th century, including the long-standing Kettner's which was visited by numerous celebrities. Near to Soho is London's Chinatown, centred on Gerrard Street and containing several restaurants.

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