4K MSC World Europa Cruise Ship - Deck Plan 6,7,8 - Restaurants and shops - PART 2

MSC World Europa (built in 2022) is the first WORLD ship of MSC Cruises - the largest and most innovative fleet ships ever built. With the same design, there are three more liners (sister ships) with deliveries in 2024 (MSC World America), 2026 (tbn) and 2027 (tbn).

The deck plan of the MSC World Europa cruise ship shows 2,633 cabins for 5,240 passengers (maximum capacity 6,782) served by 2,138 crew members. The boat has 20 decks (16 passenger decks, 12 with cabins), 13 dining options/restaurants and food bars (including 3x MDR dining rooms, 6x specialty restaurants), 21 lounges and bars, 7 swimming pools, 13 jacuzzis (outdoor hot tubs with whirlpool/jacuzzi, including 4 cantilever lifts), 39 lifts (11 of which are panoramic lifts / with a glass floor in the atrium).