8k HDR 120fps Dolby Vision - Argentina vs Brazil 2022 Beauty Competition

8k HDR 120fps Dolby Vision - Argentina vs Brazil 2022 Beauty Competition
In this video, we're going to be comparing the two countries' best beauties, using the latest technology: 8K HDR 120fps Dolby Vision!
Both Argentina and Brazil are amazing countries with beautiful scenery. But which country's beauties will captivate you the most? Watch the video to find out and see if you can vote for your favorite!

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》This 8K Demo video is make for Entertainment and Educational purposes and you can use for learn Country, City, Nature, about place, River, etc with 8K Ultra HD Resolution.

》I have Done High Color correction, Color changing, Bit rate, Raw videos editing, Merge files, 8K Export file and more.

》Total Number of Footage:
1. iNTRO 00:00
2. BRAZIL 00:06
3. Sao Paulo From Above 00:12
4. Ipanema Beach in Brazil 00:19
5. Faria Lima Avenue In Sao Paulo 00:26
6. Downtown Joao Pessoa 00:43
7. Imigrantes Road, Brazil 00:50
8. Looking Across Rio De Janeiro 00:57
9. Fernando De Noronha Island 01:04
10. Famous Ipiranga Museum of Sao Paulo Brazil 01:18
11. Amazon Arena Soccer Field, Brazil 01:32
12. Fonte Nova Stadium, Salvador Bahia 01:39
13. Dense Forest In Brazil 01:46
14. Rainforests In Brazil 01:52
15. Famous Iguazu Waterfalls 01:59
16. Historic Buildings At Joao Pessoa City 02:07
17. Atalaia Arches Aerial, Aracaju, Brazil 02:14
18. Area Of Manaus, Amazonas Brazil 02:19
19. Downtown Joao Pessoa 02:33
20. Rio De Janeiro Coastline 02:40
21. Traffic On Third Bridge, Vitória 02:47
22. Morumbi Stadium At Sao Paulo Brazil 02:57
23. Sao Paulo Metropolitan Region of Brazil 03:04
24. Morumbi Stadium At Sao Paulo Brazil 03:11
25. Cityscape Of Vila Velha 03:18
26. Famous Ipiranga Museum of Sao Paulo Brazil 03:28
27. Downtown Vitória, Brazil 03:50
28. Cable Stayed Bridge In A Coastal City 03:57
29. Island Of Fernando De Noronha 04:13
30. Sea, Beach, Coast, Aerials 04:20
31. Downtown Of Sao Paulo 04:27
32. Historical Center At Joao Pessoa 04:37
33. Hyperlapse Of Maceio Alagoa 04:44
34. Morumbi Football Field 04:50
35. ARGENTINA 05:00
36. Buenos Aires Argentina 05:06
37. Buenos Aires Argentina 05:15
38. Buenos Aires Argentina 05:25
39. Tourism landmark city 05:33
40. Snowy Mountain And Lake EL Chalta Argentina 05:40
41. Andes Mountains, Mendoza, Argentina 05:47
42. EL Chalta ARGENTINA 05:57
43. EL Chalta ARGENTINA 06:07
44. Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Patagonia Argentina 06:17
45. Mountains Overlooking Ushuaia 06:22
46. Downtown landscape of tourism landmark city 06:28
47. Buenos Aires Argentina 06:36
48. Alpine Valley In High Altitude Mountains 06:50
49. La Bombonera Soccer Field 06:57
50. Generic Floralis In Argentina 07:09
51. Puerto Madero, Buenos 07:26
52. Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 07:34
53. Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina 07:44
54. A Very Nice Scenic View of the Skies of El Chalten in Argentina 07:58
55. Cafayate, Salta, Argentina 08:05
56. Famous town of El Calafate at Patagonia Argentina 08:15
57. Alpine Valley In High Altitude Mountains 08:23
58. Puelo Lake in Argentina 08:30
59. Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Patagonia Argentina 08:36
60. Buenos Aires Argentina 08:45
61. Buenos Aires Argentina 08:58
63. Roundabout Road, Buenos Aires Argentina 09:05
64. Ushuaia At The Mountain Feet 09:17
65. Buenos Aires Argentina 09:24
66. Buenos Aires Argentina 09:35
67. Buenos Aires Argentina 09:43
68. Winner: Which country won in terms of beauty? 09:55
69. End Scene 10:03

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