A Celebration of Life: El Dia de los Muertos

Beneath our differences, we are all the same — or as famed Mexican printmaker and creator of the symbolic La Catrina, José Guadalupe Posada, once said, "Todos somos calaveras" — "we are all skeletons."

Join Beautiful Destinations creators Cory Martin and Arman Mitchell as they explore the city of Oaxaca, Mexico during Dia de los Muertos, a three-day celebration dedicated to remembering the lives of those who've passed and to support them on their spiritual journey; it's a time to celebrate life, not mourn the loss of it. Have you celebrated life today?

Happy Dia de los Muertos from all of us at Beautiful Destinations.

Music Credit:
Lila downs- cumbia de mole

Ampersan- madre tierra

Cory S Martin
Arman Mitchell
Margot Roussel | Creative Producer | https://margot-roussel.format.com