A MacBook Pro for $4,200?! World's Most Expensive City

WHO KNEW that the world's most expensive city for expats and tourists is Luanda, Angola?!

That's right -- it's not New York or London or Singapore or Dubai.... Not even close. It's Luanda Angola --, and if you don't believe me, you can ask BBC News, CNN and The Guardian.

I am not kidding you that I just saw a 13'' Macbook Pro listed at $4,200 at an electronics store Luanda -- I just bought the exact same computer in Arizona for less than half that price!

After spending the last 3 days in Luanda,, I've been surprised in many ways... but none more than the outrageous prices. You can learn all about it in this video.

Just curious -- Did anyone about this before watching this video? Or is this totally news to you?

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