Alaska Cruise and Denali Tour on Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises offers the highest rated Alaska Cruise in the industry. We put together this quick guide to show some highlights of the typical experiences that can be had on both the Alaska Cruise as well as the optional Land Tour to Denali too.

A trip to Alaska should definitely be one your Must Do Travels, because the scenery is so worth it! From mountains and glaciers to all kinds of wildlife you hardly ever see up close.

There are many excursions that you can take on an Princess Cruises Alaskan voyage, but some of our favorites are the whale watching expeditions, as well as the trips up close to the Glaciers so you can see just how big they really are.

If you go in the late Spring to early Summer you have a greater chance at seeing a lot of the newly-born wildlife too, so that can be a great time to go!