【ALL About GUANGZHOU - CHINA 】What To Do? Where To Go?

Welcome to the My Movie Travel YouTube channel. Throughout this video, you will know what to visit, where to eat, where to go when you first arrive in Guangzhou! Guangzhou it is a sprawling port city northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. The city features avant-garde architecture such as Zaha Hadid’s Guangzhou Opera House.

Guangzhou - Canton - China from sunrise to sunset! in this movie you have EVERYTHING about GUANGZHOU!
Are you going to visit, travel or live in Guangzhou? This is all about Guangzhou as we experienced it for over 1 year. From modern areas to traditional villages, from local food to foreign food, from quiet bars to dance clubs, from walk in nature and discover Guangzhou's huge history to the secret tea house, you have EVERYTHING ABOUT GUANGZHOU in this VIDEO! it is a short version of the Documentary and you will be delighted with all the information can find about it. Take your time and enjoy this video and of course, get lost in this beautiful world metropolis - Guangzhou - the city of flowers! By the way you know why is called city of Flowers? -
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Are you planning a trip to China? then watch the full video and playlist -

There are quite a few things to consider as you plan a trip abroad, but with China – as with any country – there are specific tips and tricks that can help you along the way. I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned from traveling all across China. I hope this can help you feel more prepared and less nervous!

If you’ve ever eaten Chinese food outside of China, chances are you had Cantonese cuisine. However, Canto food is much more than just chow mein and wonton soup, as Travelogue host Tianran discovers in Guangzhou, a 14 million strong megacity of foodies.

‘Guangzhou’ is the third episode of Travelogue’s 10-part series, ‘The Pearl River: Mouth to Source’. Travelogue is a 30-minute features programme on CGTN that takes viewers on unforgettable adventures across China. It airs on Sundays at 7:30am and 4:30pm BJT (00:30 & 09:30 GMT), with rebroadcasts on Mondays at 2:00am (Sunday 19:00 GMT) and Thursdays at 1:30pm (06:30 GMT). Thank you so much for watching the Vlog!

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