Alpe d'Huez 2019

Alpe D’Huez is Located at an altitude of 1860 meters above sea level, 59 km south east from Grenoble, in the French alps.
Famous for the most demanding ascent in the tour de France,
Alpe D’Huez is making a comeback in the last years, to the leading line of ski resorts.
and awarded in the last 2 years “best ski resort in Europe” by 120000 voter.
thanks to Alp d'Huez communication office for letting us use some of their footage for the things we were missing.
thanks for FATMAP for letting us using screen recording from their amazing app.
We will show you the most important things you need to know before booking a vacation in Alpe D’Huez,
And if you will stay until the end of the video, you will get some great tips that will help you to take better decisions and have a more enjoyable vaction.
How to get to Alpe D’Huez?
the closest airports to Alpe D’Huez are Grenoble, Lyon and Geneva, with the transfers times of 1and a half hour, 2 hours and 2 and a half hours accordingly.
one of the tips we can give you is not to book during the vacance because the accommodation prices are much higher. Also, the ski schools groups are usually full to their limits and the private instructors are usually booked at the best hours.
also, the best nightlife happends before and after the vacance as the young crowd usually avoid the top prices of the vacance.
Alpe D’Huez is built on a south-facing plateau and aka l’isle du soleil or island of the sun. a network of lift systems covers the village, so it is very convenience, and the worst-case scenario is to be located 5 minutes from a lift or ski trail.
the tellevilage lift system connects Alpe D’huez to the old village of Huez and runs south west north east.
The alpe axpress gondola system connects village center and the quarters of passeaux and enclose to the lifts hob at Les bregers, and runs east west.
There is a green ski run that cross the village parallel to the television system.
the main street is ave des jeuax which include indoor shopping center, ice ring, outdoor heated public pool.
Just south of the street you can find the village indoor sport center with indoor pool, squash courts, and many other sport facilities.
The ski area of Alpe d’heuz itself has 250 kilometers of ski runs which devided to 70 km of blue and green runs, 130 km of red runs, and 50 km of black runs.
From the latter, 16 km belongs to the longest black run in the world, Sarenne.
this piste starts at the top of the pic blanc at 333.0 meter above sea level and has a vertical drop of 2 km.
The ski area of alpe dheuz, which spread from 3330 meters above sea level to 1135 meter above sea level. One of the highest elevation differentials in any ski area.
The ski area topography characterized by very gentle and easy slopes close to the village, that become more and more steep as you move away from the village to the higher altitude ski areas.
Most of these gentle beginner’s runs are south facing, therefore, constitute a great nursery for beginners.
the main 2 ski school meeting points and lifts hob:
The first,
Rond point the pistes, at the highest point in village,
under the snowpark and signal mountain.
From here you can ride the DMC lift system to les jeux pic, lac blanc pic and eventually to pic blanc cable car that will carry you to pic blanc.
The 2nd important hob and ski school meeting point and lifts hob is Les bregers:
From here you can ride the alpauris chairlift towards Auris en oisanns and signal de l’homme mountain or the marmottes chairlift that will carry you to the foulie douce apres ski bar and the rest of the ski area.
The ski area of alpe d’huez has 70 off-pistes areas and consider one of the best in Europe in that regard, and there is a special ski school for back country, ski touring and heliski with many options.

Alpe d’huez has 50 km of Nordic ski trails, and from 2020 winter, ESF will offer even a biathlon course!

Alpe d’huez offer many other attractions like the alpine coaster, dogs’ sledges, snowbikes, airplane flights and many other winter activities

As part of the awakening of alpe d’huez, we can mention the fact that Tomorrowland chose this destination as the location of winter Tomorrowland.
Many young people attracted to this resort because of its livelihood.
regarding apres ski,
we recommend you to give a visit to foulie douce on your skiing back to village,
marmottes chairlift allow nonskiers to ride round trip from les bregers to foulie douce.
we recommend you to go to Le sporting club in ave de jeux

and if you still have the energy for the after hours, go down the stairs and continue on rue du coulet towards la cave or l’igloo, where the parties run till dawn.

Before sharing our tip for a vaction in Alpe D’Huez,
these are our numbers for Alpe D’huez:
for snowboarders: 9
beginners: 8.5
intermediates: 8
advanced skiers :9
freestylers: 8
free riders: 10
night live: 8.5.
apre ski: 9
Resort Charm: 7
Total score Alpe D’Huez is 8.7