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Welcome to My Movie Travel channel. Lion on the Road travel program introduce you into a different way to see travels. The Story of wild Alor Island by drone.
Alor Island is called as a hidden paradise of Eastern Indonesia yet the least visited area in Indonesia, Alor is located in East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia. In fact, Alor is a name pinned to the regency, the archipelago, as well as the main island of the archipelago. The Alor Archipelago comprises 20 islands and 17 sub-districts. Despite its short name, the Alor islands hide a long list of splendours, from fascinating underwater wonders up to the unique culture of the highland people. It’s about 55 km Northwest of Dili, the capital of Timor Leste. Alor has the area around 2800 km square, making it the largest area in the Alor archipelago. The population is around 168,000 people of which 75% protestant and the rest of 25% are either Muslim or Roman Catholic. Alor traditional culture has been influenced over the ages by the Indian, Chinese and Javanese traders as well as by the Islamic and Christian religions. This can be seen in the silk thread woven into the original weavings and the mix of Mosques and Christian churches dotted throughout the Island. The traditional dances, Ikat weavings motifs and the varied architectural style greatly from area to area.
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Local ALOR GUIDE phone numbers for contact: +6281356004894 or +6281237428498
Kalabahi is the capital city of Alor which is super close to the main harbour that connects the boats crossing the eastern islands of Indonesia. Alor island is generally regarded as one of the best diving destinations in the world today. It has more than 50 splendid dive sites and great beaches. Nevertheless, Alor still is a relatively unknown destination since travellers have only just started to discover it, roughly since 1991. Due to this fact, there is an increasing trend in tourism to the Alor archipelago nowadays. People in Alor mainly live on agriculture and/or fishing. The farmers cultivate vanilla, tamarind, almonds, and other nuts. The latest geological explorations have discovered valuable resources such as Ipsum, kaolin, petroleum, natural gas, tin, gold, and diamonds. Also, income from tourism has started to increase since Alor is becoming more and more known as a global traveling destination. More than 15 different indigenous languages are spoken in Alor, the majority of them classified as Papuan or non-Austronesian which included Abui, Adang, Hamap, Kabola, Kafoa, Woisika, Kelo, and Kui. In addition, Alorese (Bahasa Alor) is a Malayo-Polynesian language that is spoken along the coast of the western and southern Bird's Head of Alor Island and in places on surrounding islands. Many of the Papuan languages of Alor are endangered and are no longer being actively acquired by children. Some languages have fewer than 1000 speakers remaining. Significant linguistic documentation efforts have been undertaken recently by Leiden University in The Netherlands. The language of daily communication is Alor Malay, a unique Malay variety with some similarities to Kupang Malay. Indonesian is taught in schools and used widely in media.
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