An Immersive 360 VR experience in 8K

If you ever wanted to know what the scuba diving experience is like then here's an immersive 360 VR experience that we shot underwater in 8K. This should give you a taste of the scuba diving experience. So if you are looking for a 360 travel VR experience or some 360 travel places then this ones worth checking out. So sit back, relax and enjoy

This GoPro 360° underwater video was shot on our 8k 360 video camera rig that was specifically designed for capturing high quality 360 video content for underwater virtual reality projects.

Our custom setup allows us to capture 360 videos in a resolution of up to 8K. Why 8K? , well given that you are only ever looking at a small portion of the 360 clip at any one time the more resolution you have in this space the better the experience is going to be.Take a look around under the sea and change your resolution settings and you will see what we mean

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