Located in Kirkareli, Arcadia Vineyards is a family estate managed by father and daughter Özcan and Zeynep Arca who make their wines through sustainable viticulture. Arcadia produces a range of white, rose, and red wines, and is one of the only wineries in Turkey to produce the ancient grape variety Sauvignon Gris.

At the Arcadia vineyard, cultivating techniques come from years of theoretical research conducted by its founders, Zeynep Arca Salliel and her father Özcan. These are the first fields in Turkey to employ the V-trellis training system for their vines to separate the branches, providing them with better access to sunlight. For the vintners, this method also makes it easier to assess whether something is going wrong with the vines. For a vineyard that uses no chemicals, taking early action in the face of disease or other problems is crucial.

Great attention has also been given to the choice of land the vines were planted on. “The parcel where we grow cabernet sauvignon hasn’t been penetrated by any other vines before,” explains Kadir Bora, production manager at Arcadia, while showing us around. “Layered soil structure and presence of groundwater enables the root to go deep in the ground and feed on a variety of microelements which affect the aroma of the grape,” he says. After tasting the final product, it is impossible to disagree with him that those grapes were used to make some of the highest quality wines in Arcadia’s collection.

The beginning of September is the time of the year that keeps many Thracians incredibly busy.
After weeks of sampling the fruits as they ripen, one by one, various grape types begin to display their full, flavor-packed potential. While labs check alcohol and sugar levels in the grapes, the winemakers also conduct their own research, checking on the color of the skin, inside of the grape, as well as condition of the seeds. “We rely very much on what the lab tells us, but we also rely on our own taste,” Bora says.







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