Baby Lamb Intestine Sandwich | Turkish Food | Kokoreç

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This Kokoreç was amazing! A true classic Turkish food! It's a dish of Antolia and the Balkins, but has now become a staple Istanbul street food to try. Made with baby lamb intestines and throat and wrapped up, then chopped into a sandwich. Please like:

This Kokoreç intestine was cleaned thoroughly, as it should be. I had tried it a few times before on the streets in Istanbul, and eventually chose this location as my local buddy brought me here and told me it was a true Kokoreç, nothing over the top fancy, yet nothing too dirty and run down.

Intestines are a food that you should try once, and you will either love it or hate it, depending on how they are cooked. For me, if the intestines are cleaned thoroughly and spiced like they were, it's a flavour I can get used to and actually enjoy. For others, it's harder to get your head around and totally understandable.

This is a true Turkish cuisine and enjoyed by many locals out on many street corners in Istanbul, often after a few beers, as these Kokoreç stands are open late into the night on the Istanbul streets and the grease and fat really can soothe many party-goers.

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