Bangkok to Taipei - DELICIOUS First Taiwanese Street Food Meal and Travel (Day 1)!

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This is the vlog of Day 1 of our Taiwan trip (stay tuned for all 12 days of vlogs). We woke up early in the morning in Bangkok and headed to Don Muaeng Airport. We checked into our flight via Tiger Air that offers a directly flight at a pretty good rate from Bangkok to Taipei. Everything went smoothly and our flight arrived on time. They didn’t serve any food on our airplane, but luckily as I was doing some work, my wife Ying went and bought some Subway for the airplane ride. So while I didn’t have airplane food this time, I did have Subway on an airplane.

We landed in Taipei, Taiwan, my first time to ever visit Taiwan in the early afternoon, and I had little clue how we were going to get from the airport to the center of Taipei and then on to our hotel. We ended up walking down stairs where we caught a shuttle bus from Taoyuan International Airport for 30 TWD to the Taoyuan train station in order to connect with the Taiwan high speed rail that would take us into the center of Taipei. From Taoyuan railway station we took the high speed rail which cost 165 TWD and in about 20 minutes we arrived at Taipei Main station, which is the major hub of transportation in the center of Taipei. From there we caught the local Metro to Ximen station, where our hotel was booked. After wandering around for a little while and getting a bit lost, we finally arrived into our hotel, called Go Sleep Hotel and the Xining branch, located right within the busy shopping and cultural district of Ximending in Taipei. We arrive to the hotel at about 6 pm almost and we were all very hungry and wanted to have our first meal in Taipei… but I had no idea what we were going to eat.

After walking around Ximending for a few minutes we sat down at the nearest restaurant we could find that was serving local Taiwanese food. Although I didn’t really know what we were ordering, the owner of the restaurant was very nice and after pointing to a few dishes, she kindly brought them to our table. Our first meal in Taipei, Taiwan was a success. From there we just walked around Ximending for a while, enjoying the atmosphere and sampling a few snacks along the way. There was so much food in this area, that is was crazy, so much to eat!

Thank you for watching this Taipei travel guide video vlog from Bangkok to Taipei. This is Day 1 of our Taiwan travel adventure.

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