Beautiful IloiIo City (BecomingFilipino)

What can I say about my #BecomingFilipino IloIlo City journey...

The city is full of beautiful historic buildings, the river is beautiful, the people are warm and friendly, the food is...

GRABE! The food is amazing!

Batchoy, Lumpia, Pancit Molo, "Butong-Butong", Hand-made coffee! So much food and drink!

Oh did I mention that the jeepneys are hilariously fun! They remind me of "lowrider" vehicles from "rap music videos". I need not say more...

This is my IloIlo experience!

One day at a time, One "Namit Gid" at a time... #BecomingFilipino

Super Apir!

*** The "Old Cathedral" I should have called "The Belfry"