#BecomingFilipino - Foodtrip, Cagayan de Oro City (Part 1)

Over the past few months I have begun to realize something...

Filipinos love "Foodtrips"!! Apir!

It is a great way to learn about, explore and really get a "taste" for a place here in the Philippines! Well the other day I got thinking... I have never experienced a Foodtrip! whoa! How could this be!? If I am #BecomingFilipino I need to learn about and start to incorporate these into my life!

...and so I asked Kagay-anans! "What should I try if I was to foodtrip around the city!?" Where should I go!? What do you enjoy!? What are some "interesting" foods I could explore!?

I was overwhelmed with happiness as I adventured around the city on my scooter. Friendly faces everywhere! From the kind hearted lady selling me "Remember Me" soup, to the "Taho" man sharing a high five with me, to the little girl selling kwek-kwek and her heart warming Smile and attitude.

This is Part 1 of my foodtrip in Cagayan de Oro City.... My Home City :).