#BecomingFilipino "Region 11 List" Ep. 9 - Harvesting Bananas, Davao Del Norte

I found myself in the province of Davao Del Norte on a #BecomingFilipino mission to learn all about "The Banana Boys" and harvesting Bananas....

Heading past Tagum I ended up in the municipality of Kapalong staring at plantation after plantation of Bananas! Seriously there are so many!! It was like a Banana Kingdom! I think it could be a Heaven for Monkeys! Banana Pa More!

This video is my experience hanging out with "The Banana Boys" and learning all about harvesting bananas! Again I was so impressed with everyone's enthusiasm and willingness to share happiness with me! These guys who work the plantations...


I have so much respect for people who do hard labour work to supply the world with their favourite things to eat! You will always have my admiration... for what you do, and for your amazing attitudes!

Thank you Rea (a follower from Davao) for helping hook me up with your banana plantation! Such a blessing to learn from and interact with everyone!

Let's all go Bananas!! Wahoo!

One day at a time, One banana at a time... #BecomingFilipino

Super Apir!!