#BecomingFilipino - The Secret Free Jeepney

Jeepneys! They are unique to the Philippines and something that everyone must try riding at least once in their lives! For many Filipinos they are the regular form of transportation that gets them to and from wherever they need to go!

There have been many times where I have witnessed a man hanging off the back shouting and searching for passengers… these guys are known as the "Conductors" or "Dispatchers" and they work hard to try and fill the Jeepney up with passengers!

What did I decide to do on August 20th in Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao… I became a conductor for a day :)

What was my route!?

Macabalan to Velez to Divisoria to Cogon. Balik-Balik (back and forth). But! because I wanted to give back for all the happiness the Philippines continues to share with me… I decided to pay the Jeepney rental fee, as well I gave the driver and conductor a good days wage….

Meaning the Jeepney would be FREE!

I wouldn't yell out "Libre, Libre" (free, free) to anyone on the streets… but if they tried to pay me bayad inside of the Jeepney. I handed it back to them and told everyone inside they were all riding for free :). What an amazing experience… No wonder they call Cagayan de Oro the City of Golden Friendship. The people I met and the happiness that was shared on the streets was just heart warming! I had an absolute blast…. and became a little bit Kapoy (tired)! Especially when my Jeepney broke down! Mao na Diha! :)

This is my day being a conductor on the "Secret Free Jeepney"

MASSIVE THANK YOU TO: Val Martinito, Joe Romantico and Chikay Noval Dumpa for helping me film this! Without you I wouldn't have been able to share this experience!

Super Apir!