#BecomingFilipino - Welcome to Cagayan de Oro, Welcome to my Home

This past weekend was a very special one for me...

Over the past two months I have been asking Filipino's from all over the country to tell me something they LOVE about where they are from!? Something that makes them feel proud of where they live?! Something that makes them proud to be Filipino!

Well this past weekend I had the opportunity to share what makes me proud of my home with five of my friends from Canada and New Zealand!

Being able to share my passion for my home in the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro with my foreign friends makes me proud. It makes me proud to say I live in this amazing country! It makes me proud to be taking this journey towards #BecomingFilipino!

Welcome to my Cagayan de Oro! Welcome to my Home!

I can't wait to see YOUR home in the Philippines!


Song: Oranges and Lemons - Yakap Sa Dilim (I don't own it of course :))