Behind the Handle - Pushing Barriers in Bali with Wahyu Mahendra

Wahyu Mahendra is pushing the barriers as he shares his story about the struggles of familial and societal acceptance on his journey to becoming a photographer. Through appreciation for his Balinese culture, his innate desire to make people proud of the beautiful country and culture of Indonesia, and his inspirational message of fearlessness, Wahyu is an example of strength and determination. We encourage everyone in our community to take this compelling message and understand, as Wahyu said, it is your life to create, don’t be afraid to try, don’t be afraid to pursue your passions.

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Social Media is a powerful tool that has the ability to foster community, build relationships and inspire millions. However, we often curate our lives and share only a small part of who we are. “Behind the Handle” is a series dedicate to diving deeper into the life of the creator - highlighting their passions, struggles and journey. We hope that by offering such transparency that others will find inspiration & solace in knowing the deeper story behind the imagery we have all come to love.

Music by: Elise Mélinand

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