Behind the Handle - Rediscovering Hawaii with Sam Potter

Sam Potter was born and raised in Hawaii, but it wasn't until he began traveling that he came to appreciate what his home had to offer. Living in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, Sam has watched first had the effect man has had on nature - development, overpopulation and tourism. That is why he has dedicated his life to living the most sustainable lifestyle he can, helping to preserve the natural beauty that is left around the globe - "to keep quite places quiet".

Make sure to follow along with Sam as he continues to explore different facets of his home & strive to live a more sustainable life!

Social Media is a powerful tool that has the ability to foster community, build relationships and inspire millions. However, we often curate our lives and share only a small part of who we are. "Behind the Handle" is a series dedicate to diving deeper into the life of the creator - highlighting their passions, struggles and journey. We hope that by offering such transparency that others will find inspiration & solace in knowing the deeper story behind the imagery we have all come to love!!

Music by: Odesza

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