BEOND | World's first all Business Class leisure airline (flight to the Maldives)

Join me on a flight in Business Class with BEOND - the world's first premium leisure airline - from Switzerland to the Maldives, with a refueling stopover in Dubai.

Keep watching till the end for some stunning drone footage of the Maldives.

Video chapters:
0:00 Zürich Airport
1:55 First Class lounge
5:44 Beond Airbus A319
6:58 Business Class cabin
11:49 Takeoff from Zürich
13:33 Business Class seat
16:24 Amenities
18:05 Dinner
20:13 Inflight entertainment
22:56 Lie-flat bed
24:27 Landing in Dubai
29:20 Refueling stopover
30:50 Takeoff from Dubai
36:26 Breakfast
38:54 Landing in the Maldives
43:55 Maldives drone footage

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