BEST Chinese Street Food | Numbing Beef Sichuan Flatbread in Chengdu, China

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Chinese street food in Chengdu, Sichuan. When it comes to street food around the world, China has some of the best. I came to China mainly for eating and to try Chinese food that I haven't tried before. Now I've been living here for 2 years, and still loving it.

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This local street food, known as the guokui, is a specialty in Sichuan that is often lined up for down the street by locals. If you find a good guokui place, you will understand why. The flavour is slightly prickly and spicy and the bread is crispy yet fluffy at the same time. It's really nice.

This is one of my favorite stuffed flatbread places in Chengdu, I came here in May, 2016, and the place is located at:

王记特色锅盔 国学巷附近. You can paste this into baidu maps and it will take you there.

I love exploring China and traveling China by bicycle, it's a great way to try new foods and chat with new people. The street food in china can sometimes be unsafe, so it's best to go to places that have a long lineup or ones that please your senses. If you find the right places, you can find the best street food, and some of the top foods you may have ever tried.

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