Biograd na Moru | Dalmatia | Croatia | Share positivity | Discover Biograd

Biograd na Moru | Dalmatia | Croatia | Share positivity | Discover Biograd

''Situated in the heart of the Adriatic seaside, Biograd charmingly extends itself along the coastline and peninsula. Here, you will find a row of beautiful beaches full of activities under the cool pines along the shore, traces of history with tales of kings and sunken ships, two marinas as a shelter for numerous white sailboats facing the Pašman canal and the mountainous islands which gracefully frame the setting of the sun.

Biograd is a town that delights its guests in that everyone can find activities and entertainment to suit their own taste! If you love to bicycle, join us in our traditional Biograd Bike Race. Celebrate May 1 (our traditional summer kickoff) by participating in the dynamic Slovenian weekend, filled with interesting activities.

Gastro Biograd is a manifestation that, in June, transforms the seaside walkway into a heavenly array of flavors and aromas of authentic products from the whole of Croatia, and Biograd Night is the merriest summer night with many festivities for all grown-ups. In its relaxed and intimate edition, you will find the Biograd Street Music Festival. And maybe, more than anything else, you are in love with sailing? Biograd with its two marinas represents an important nautical center, and the Biograd Boat Show provides high-quality proof to that reputation.'' - Biograd na Moru TB

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