British Airways Business Class Suite | Boeing 777 Maldives to London (SO GOOD!)

Join me on a flight in British Airways' new Business Class Suite onboard a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from the Maldives to London. The video includes spectacular aerial views of the Maldives & the Middle East.

Make sure to watch till the end (sunset sequence) for a powerful, emotional & regal moment that will give you goosebumps!

Video chapters:
0:00 Male International Airport
1:15 British Airways Boeing 777-300ER
1:49 Business Class cabin
6:04 Takeoff
9:10 Fabulous views of the Maldives
12:55 Business Class Suite
16:48 Amenities
18:17 Menu
19:40 Lunch
21:25 Turbulence
22:36 Walk through Business Class cabins
23:49 Flatbed
24:30 Inflight entertainment
27:17 Spectacular views of the Middle East
30:49 Sunset & tribute to the Queen
33:07 Dinner
34:03 Landing

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