Budots Budots - First Dance Ever (Foreigner)

Back in April I came to Gingoog City to see a few friends...

At the time I was busy interviewing Filipinos in different areas of the country asking for suggestions! Well on a night out in Gingoog I witnessed a few of my friends do something known as "Budots".

Basically it is a Filipino dance that involves three things:

1) Embracing the crazy weird techno beats

2) Giving it 100% of your body

3) Getting a few friends together to join you

Check that one off the list! It is Fiesta time in Gingoog so I thought why not try out "Budots Dancing" to celebrate! After a few minutes of practice, I managed to get a few Filipinos together to join me for a car wash themed Budots Budots Budots!!!

Mao na diha!