Catedral De Santiago De Compostela Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Catedral de Santiago de Compostela in Spain.
The beautiful main facade of the Cathedral Santiago De Compostela rises proudly into the sky, the final destination of a legendary medieval pilgrimage route. For more than twelve hundred years the marvellous buildings of the old town, as well as the striking cathedral, have attracted visitors from all over the world. During the Middle Ages the town enjoyed great prominence. In addition to Jerusalem and Rome, Santiago De Compostela was the third most important Christian pilgrimage destination.Its beautiful main facade combines various decorative and architectural elements that are to be found along the pilgrims’ way, the Camino de Santiago. In addition to the imposing cathedral there are further treasures hidden within the historical centre of the town such as the 16th century Colegio De Fonseca. Under the rule of Bishop Diego Xelmírez both the town and its Catholic church enjoyed much prosperity and the diocese became an archbishopric. Unlike the architectural transformation of its external façade most of the cathedral’s interior has retained its original form. The church’s main nave and altar, with its precious and exquisite decoration, are a remarkable religious work of art. Santiago De Compostela: even today the town has retained all of its magic, its cultural appeal and deep religious significance

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