Cervinia ski resort guide

Breuill -Cervinia, or more famous as just “Cervinia”, on the boarder of Switzerland, is the best ski resort in Italy for late season.
Together with valtournenche and famous Zermatt, they share the matterhorn ski paradise ski area, which considered by many as the most beautiful ski area in the world.
in this video we will show you everything you need to know before planning a vacation in Cervinia, and if you stick around until the end of the video, you’ll get some great tips that will help you make better decisions, save time and money!
The closest airports to Cervinia are Turin, with a transfer time of 1 hour and 39 minutes, Milan Malpensa airport with a transfer time of 2 hours and 7 minutes and Geneva, with a transfer time of 3 hours.
Take note that a round trip crossing of the mont blanc tunnel will cost you 57 euros per car if you are coming from Geneva.
Cervinia lies under the south face of maybe the most Iconic mountain in the world, the Materrhorn, aka Cervino, where the highest spine of the alps.
The village is located in the altitude of 2050 meters at the bottom of a large bowl capped by the Materrhorn ridge on the west and north and the Glacier on plateau Rosa on the east
There are 2 main skipasses you can buy in Cervinia:
Cervinia- valtournenche ski pass, which includes the Italian side of the Matterhorn paradise and consist of 150 connected km of ski runs
It costs 230 euros for 6 days and recommended for beginners.
For intermediates and advanced, we recommend to buy the international skipass, which costs 290 euros for 6 days and consist 360 km of ski connected ski runs, and worth every penny
The swiss side is bigger. More diverse and beautiful, and you can visit the amazing pedestrian town of Zermatt.
take note that it is important to leave early in the morning and pay attention for the weather.
If you happened to stuck on the swiss side as of the weather or just because you missed the last lift to little Matterhorn, wait to the end of the video to hear the solution to that problem.
Together with Zermatt, Cervinia shared the largest glacier ski area in the world, and the largest summer ski area in Europe.
the snow is even good on April because of the high altitude and the big bowl is serves as a huge reflector, so for all the northern people who wants to tan fast, Cervinia is an ideal location for late season skiing and good weather.
pay notice that valtournenche is closed on April 20.
this video took place after the closer of valtournenche
the main ski area of Cervinia is a bit boring as there are almost no trees in most of it.
the runs are well groomed and great for beginners and intermediates, the best one is run 7 from Rosa Plateau all the way down to Cervinia and is 13 km long and almost 1500 meteres vertical drope, from the highest point in the Italian side to Cervinia itself.
For snowboarders, there are a lot of easy off piste areas and an average snowpark
Called Indian snowpark.
for freeriders and advances skiers there is heliski here.
The town have a cross country ski area and an ice ring
The town itself is quite boring and have a small pedestrian area,
we recommend to have an apres ski at Delle nevi,
And if there is a full moon, stay at chalet plan torrette, and ski back after dark with the moonlight
To conclude,
here are our ratings for Cervinia,
the ratings are for the extended skipass:
For snowboarders: 8
Advance skiers: 8
Intermediate skiers: 9.5
Beginners: 8.5
Freestylers: 7.5
Free riders: 9
Night life: 6
Apre ski: 7
Resort charm: 7
Our total score for Cervinia is 8
Our bonus tips for Cervinia:
As we promised, the first tip is, what to do if is stuck at the swiss side, well, in that case, it is better for you to get a room there because a cub back will take you 5 hours’ drive and cost you at least 500 euros!!
Our 2nd tip, is, if you come with a car, it is cheaper to sleep in valtournenchev.
On the days you will decide to ski to Zermatt, better park at Cervinia because it will save you precious
Time that you will need to explore the swiss side.
there are plenty of free parking lots in Cervinia. Be awere in nice weekends as there can be traffic jams