Chatamari - Nepali Street Food Pizza in Kathmandu, Nepal!

Chatamari is a Nepali street food pizza that's popular in Kathmandu!
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Kathmandu is a wonderful city with so much history and a number of tasty Nepalese street food ( snacks to sample. One of the popular snacks is known as chatamari (also known as chataamari). It's basically a cross between a crepe or pancake and a pizza, I prefer to compare it to the latter as it has so many different toppings.

The base of chatamari चतांमरि is created from a batter made from rice flour. The vendor first poured the batter onto a hot skillet and then flattened it out with the bottom of the scooper. She then immediate tossed on a mixture of egg beaten up with minced buffalo and a variety of spices. After spreading it all out evenly on top of the base, she then plopped another egg right into the middle of the Nepalese street food pizza. A few slivers of tomato and some cilantro and salt were then added to the top. The chatamari was then covered with a clay top and cooked for a few moments before being ready.

Once my piping hot pancake was fully cooked, the friendly vendor took it off the griddle, sliced it up into smaller bite sizes pieces and then place the entire pizza into a leaf bowl to eat. I was delighted and hungry to sample my first buffalo egg Nepalese pizza!

The Nepalese Chatamari चतांमरि was just about as delicious as you can imagine. The base of the pancake was soft and pillowy and the toppings were spicy and flavorful. Buffalo is a very common meat to eat in Nepal, and it's very fragrant with a stronger or more gamey flavor than beef.

Chatamari is originally a Newari food (, traditionally served in the Kathmandu valley area during feasts and gatherings. Nowadays the Nepalese pancake is served all over the streets of Kathmandu. It makes a great protein filled snack if you're looking for something salty when walking around!

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