Chinese Street Food in Sichuan | Cold Tripe Salad

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Chinese Street Food in Sichuan is really delicious! Chinese cuisine is often the best on the street! Here, I sample a classic street snack, "Fuqifeipian", and got the tripe version!
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I made a weekend trip to Pengzhou, a small satellite town of Chengdu, in search of food and adventure. What I found, here at this street stall, was nothing short of magic. I'm actually fairly fond of tripe, as it has a clean and simple taste that's really nice when combined with chilies and cilantro.

So I was walking around with a friend, and we had the goal to eat and shoot some Chinese street food, a local street snack, but were unsure of what to shoot. As we walked past this smiling guy, cutting away at tripe and tongue and heart, I knew we found the spot.

So I put my camera bag down on a table beside the stall and approached him and asked him if he would mind if we could film a food segment of his stall. He smiled and replied "no problem, of course!", and was super happy to be filmed! The guy was just so happy and full of good energy that it really made the whole experience that much better.

I asked for his recommendation, and he made me a classic fuqifeipian, a famous Chinese street food in Sichuan that you can find all throughout the local neighbourhoods. It was chewy, spicy, salty, numbing, florally, and had a strong cilantro flavour throughout, which really made my day.

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