Cooking Dried Fish Inside My Parents House in Canada

Without a doubt, #BecomingFilipino means I should be able to make Buwad, Suka Sili, with Sikwati!…

Well seeing as I was in Canada visiting family I thought it would be a great time to make them this "Baho pero Masarap/Lami" Filipino treat! My dad went out fishing and so I took over the kitchen and started making different kinds of dried fish!

My mom wasn't very impressed when the house started to get Super Baho…. and you can see on the video she went window to window trying to get rid of the horrendous stench! Mao na Diha! Yikes!

This was my first time ever making Dried Fish, Hot Chocolate… oh and I put together some Bagoong and Mango!! My brother and father were the only two daring enough to give them a try! To be honest I am rather impressed… They really liked it!

One day at a time, One Stinky dish at a time… #BecomingFilipino

Super Apir!