Courchevel ski resort is part of the beautiful Les Trois Vallees, aka the Three Valleys, which is the largest linked ski area in the world and located in savoie region in the French alps.

Courchevel resort consists of five distinctly separate ski resort villages: Courchevel La Tania, Courchevel Le Praz aka Courchevel 1300, Courchevel village aka Courchevel 1550, Courchevel Moriond , aka Corchevel1650, and Courchevel, aka Courchevel1850, most named for their altitudes in meters, approximately.

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How to get to Courchevel?

The closest airports to Courchevel are Chambéry, Lyon, Grenoble and Geneva with transfer time of 1 and a half hours, 2 hours, 2 hours and 2 and a half hours accordingly.

If you are coming by train, the nearest train stop is in the town of Moutiers where you need to take a 30 to 60 minutes bus drive to Courchevel, depending on which part of the resort you're staying in.

A taxy will cost you 40-70 euros, accordingly

If driving, The first village you will encounter is Courchevel Le Praz

Courchevel Le Praz is filled with beautiful traditional wooden chalets. The main landmark of this village is the ski jumping hill, built in 1992 for Winter Olympics and still in use today.

In Le Praz you can turn right towards La Tania

La Tania is the newest village.

It was built for the 1992 Winter Olympics, it is a good-value, friendly base from which you can explore the slops if its higher Three Valley neighbors.

Built on 1400m, it has a wood-clad building sit comfortably in a pretty woodland quite a different view of many higher altitude ski resorts.

La Tania and Courchevel Le Praz are the only villages that has free parking. Excpect to pay around 100 euros for a weekly parking in the other resorts.

If you continue with the road from La Praz you will arrive to Courchevel 1550.

Courchevel 1550, AKA Courchevel village, is a quiet backwater with mixture of individual chalets and bigger block like buildings.

After leaving 1550 towards 1650 you will see on your left huge new indoor water park named Aquamotion. This will tell you that you arrived to Courchevel 1650.

Courchevel 1650, aka, Courchevel Moriond set on the main road who pass through town at the centre. There you can find varied shops, restaurants and bars. It has a huge new watersport center called aquamotion… Courchevel 1650 also have va great tobbogan run, named “Moriond Racing”.

The last village, is the jewel of the crown of ski resorts, maybe to all of them.

Courchevel 1850, AKA Courchevel, is the most prestuige ski resort in the world. known as the place for the rich and famous, Courchevel has luxury chalets and swanky hotels, plus it is a home for a few michelin restaurants.

This ski resorts have its own airline company and Airport. Built on an upward-sloping it is available for landing only by private small jet aircraft or helicopters. The only ski resort in Europe with a jet’s airport runway.

Courchevel ski has a long season beginning in December and last to the end of April.

While Courchevel 1850 has the most high-end hotels and shops, its prices are a bit high, fans of the traditional French feel should head to Courchevel 1650-Moriond or Courchevel 1550, Le Praz and La Tania which are more affordable.

Courchevel resort villages are linked by lifts, pistes and a road which has efficient and frequent free bus service which connects Courchevel 1300 to Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650 and Courchevel 1850 every 30 minutes from 07:00 until 02:00 the next morning.

After that a taxi ride from Courchevel 1850 will cost euros you from 10-12 euros to Courchevel Mariond, 15 euros to Courchevel village and 20-25 euros to Courchevel Le Praz or vice versa

Courchevel has many north-facing slopes, which makes the snow in the Courchevel valley the best in the whole ski area.

The resort’s northerly orientation, height and abundance of snowmaking means reliable snow down to Courchevel 1650 or Courchevel 1550 so ski-in/ski-out accommodations are often possible.

The ski area of Courchevel itself has 150 kilometers of ski runs, and with Meribel, Val Thorens and Les Menuires ski areas combined to 600km of ski runs, in the largest and best ski area in the world, Les Trois Vallees!

Overall there are 10 black runs, 32 red runs, 35 blue runs and 23 green runs in the ski area of Courchevel.

The ski area of Courchevel, spans from 2738 meters above sea level to 1100 meter above sea level, in the village of saint bon, the lowest altitude the 3 valleys gets.

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