Crazy But Smart Transport - Skylab, Montevista Compostela Valley

Transport in the Philippines is incredibly unique. Throughout my #BecomingFilipino journey almost every I have been there has been little variations in the way Filipinos will get around. Well in Montevista, Compostela Valley...

Skylabs are a local style of transportation!

At first glance you may think.... "Crazy! What the Heck!? That is Insane!". But when you need to travel on tough roads in the hills with a lot of gear and people... It really is the cheapest and best way to do so! Skylabs are essentially motorbikes that have big frames built around them. They look like a mini house on wheels!

The Driver and passengers balance out the weight and then take off driving wherever they need to go! At one point while I was riding one, the driver actually took us off-roading through mud and rocks! Grabe!


Here is my Skylab experience.... oh yeah... I drove it :)

Super Apir!