Crete Balos Beach ▶️ the main attractions of western Crete (1080p)

The bay and beach of Balos with the lagoon is one of the main attractions of western Crete along with the island of Elafonisi and the Samaria Gorge. The lagoon beach consists of fine white shell and coral sand. The largely shallow water with a depth of less than 50 centimeters on most of the lagoon shows no vegetation. The coastal areas characterized by dunes are only sparsely populated with vegetation.
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► Balos Beach arrival
The paved road ends just behind the village of Kaliviani and an unpaved slope runs about eight kilometers north on the east side of the Gramvousa peninsula. At the end of the unpaved road there is a parking lot at about 100 meters above sea level. To the bay of Balos, which is about a kilometer as the crow flies from there, a footpath leads with a stone staircase to the west
► Balos Beach arrival (alternative)
Another option to reach the bay are the daily excursion boats from Kissamos.
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If you plan to go to Balos by car, you MUST start early. Even in the off-season, the few parking spaces are quickly gone and the traffic chaos on the unpaved road is pre-programmed. When you reach the unpaved road around 8 a.m., you are well on schedule
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