Davos 2018 & 2019 review 4k

At an altitude of 1,560 metres, Davos is the highest town in Europe.
During this video, I’ll give you an overview of this Famous Ski destination, along with
my ratings for its offering to Ski-holiday visitors. And If you stay until the end of this
video I’ll give you some tips for making the best of your trip to Davos.
The closest airports to Davos are Zurich, Friedrichshafen and Memmingen, each with
a transfer time of around 2 hours, and Basel, with a transfer time of 3 hours.
If you’re travelling from Zurich or Basel, you also have the option of taking a train.
Davos has a total of 260 km of runs, separated into 5 ski areas,
here are the the 2 that
connected directly to Davos and are the most significant:
- Jakobshorn, which has one of the best snow parks in Switzerland, with 53 km of runs,
- Parsenn, the largest ski area, which has 101km of runs and has the highest point at
2,844 metres above sea level.
From here you can ski 15 km directly to Kublis village at the altitude of 810 meters.
More than 2 km of vertical drops.
The Parsen ski area is well groomed and has great runs for curving.
Davos also has 75 km of cross-country ski, and many winter activities.
The town of Davos also features an excellent ice rink, is home to a great ice hockey
team and if you’re feeling lucky, it’s own Casino.
Davos is famous for its events, especially the World Economic Forum, which attracts
world leaders from across the globe, so you’ll be sure to find all kinds of accommodation
options here, from top-notch hotels to hostels and everything in-between.
For the night we recommend the xbar and Postil club.
Here’s our numbers for Davos:
Snow boarders: 8
Advanced skiers: 8
Intermediates: 8
Beginners: 7
Freestylers: 9
Freeriders: 9
Aprés ski: 7:
Night life: 7
Resort charm: 6
Our total score for Davos is: 7.5
In Davos, there’s something everyone, but the separated ski areas and distinct lack of
charm around town damage an otherwise enticing score.
Now that we’ve reached the end of our review, here are those tips we promised you:
First, the town is divided to 2 main areas, each with its own train station:
Davos Platz, which is the real center and connected to Jakobshorn ski area: this area is
recommended for freestylers, beginners and those here for the nightlife.
And Davos Dorf, which connects to Parsenn ski area, and recommended for
intermediates and advanced skiers as well as free-riders.
Our first tip is to try to stay close to the train stations because that way it will be easier to
move between all the ski areas and also, you’ll be close to the lifts for the ski areas I just
Another tip is for free-rides: find the time to visit the Pischa ski area, which is actually all
off-piste mountain.
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