DELTA Business Class Suite | Airbus A330neo Amsterdam to Salt Lake City (great flight!)

Join me on a flight in Delta Air Lines' Business Class Suite onboard a brand-new Airbus A330neo from Amsterdam to Salt Lake City. The video includes phenomenal views of Greenland, Arctic Canada and the Rocky Mountains.

Video chapters:
0:00 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
1:39 KLM Business Class lounge
4:11 Delta A330neo
4:57 Business Class cabin
9:01 Welcome & safety video
14:06 Takeoff
17:14 Business Class seat
20:53 Amenities
22:20 Menu
23:48 Breakfast
26:56 Flatbed
28:08 Inflight entertainment
30:52 Views over Greenland
35:43 Landfall over Canada
37:54 Lunch
38:54 Views of Yellowstone & Grand Teton
41:22 Landing
47:19 Delta Business Class lounge at Salt Lake City

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