Denali National Park (Alaska) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Denali National Park in Alaska.
Denali National Park is located about six hundred and thirty miles from the southern coast of Alaska and is nine thousand six hundred square miles of original Sub-Arctic wilderness. The history of the region began millions of years ago when mighty tectonic plates collided. The force of the collision folded the granite and sedimentary rock together at a huge elevation which subsequently formed the highest mountain in North America, Mount Mckinley. The coniferous forests consist primarily of birch and fir and deciduous trees and shrubs cover the stone-based valleys. An amazing variety of bushes, herbs and flowers turn the landscape into an array of bright colour. On the thin humus above the permafrost soil there’s vegetation such as Reindeer Moss, Wild Flowers, Reed Grass and Berries. The bright white fur of the dall sheep provide perfect camouflage in winter. Their favorite location is steep, rocky slopes where they feel safe from predators such as grizzly bears and wolves. The park was established primarily to protect the wild animals that were destroyed in large numbers by hunters at the beginning of the Gold Rush. But today Denali National Park is a natural paradise, a wilderness at the end of the world!

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