Epic Cliff Jumping and Waterfall Slide (EXTREME DANGER)

Recent Death at this location (March 27th, 2016): http://bit.ly/1UygaPc
ATTENTION EVERYONE WATCHING THIS VIDEO: Our team has been trained and involved in gymnastics, diving, stunts, and the extreme sports community for over a decade. We take many precautions when assessing safe diving spots, including checking water levels, water currents, height measurements, etc, and always have locals and professionals alongside with us when embarking on these epic cliff jumping missions. As much fun as it can be, it is also EXTREMELY dangerous. There have been several accidents and even deaths at this location, and we DO NOT condone others to try and attempt the same things we've done. Please take this message seriously, because as popular as this place has become, it is not worth getting injured or witnessing a friend get injured and need rescuing.

* * *

Only 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver is home to this amazing and epic place that has a natural water slide that turns into a waterfall and has a vast variety of epic cliff jumping spots. It's extremely dangerous because of water levels and currents, and is also pretty chilly even in the peak of summer.

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