Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony - How to Drink Traditional Coffee!

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Ethiopian coffee is not just a deliciously tasty beverage, it's an essential ingredient of Ethiopian culture and society.

Coffee in Ethiopia is a part of everyday life and it often includes an entire Ethiopian coffee ceremony.

The procedure begins with green coffee beans that are roasted in the open room so they start to burn and turn extremely fragrant. The smoke fills the room in an intoxicating coffee fragrance.

During the ceremony, it is traditional to serve a bowl of fresh popcorn as well as a to burn frankincense for another added aroma.

When the coffee beans are done roasting, they are ground by hand using a mortar and pestle and then placed in a special Ethiopian clay coffee pot for brewing.

The brewing is a complicated process of boiling and reheating until the beverage is perfect.

The host makes sure the coffee is supreme before serving it to the anticipating guests.

Drinking Ethiopian coffee is a great experience!

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