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Euro Trippin' — An Exhilarating Adventure Across the Continent

Director's Notes:

At Beautiful Destinations, we're always striving to create something unique and original. For us, "Euro Trippin'" represents an area of the world that has been shot a million times, but what excited us about this project was coming up with something truly different.

We gave ourselves 30 days to get to as many countries as possible in Europe. The goal was to visit the most iconic locations in each destination and capture a perspective that hadn't been seen before. We knew we'd need to be agile and spontaneous, so we challenged ourselves to execute this with a small team. Tom Jauncey led the charge visiting all 20 countries in 30 days, Matias De Rada supported by visiting 12 countries, Sage Stephens joined for six countries, Jake Irish for five, and Kay Van Huisseling for one country. To make things a little more exciting, we challenged ourselves to travel with only carry-on luggage — one bag each for only our equipment!

As we deep-dived into the planning for this video, we identified a fun common thread that would showcase each location's culture as well as its iconic modes of transportation — from the gondolas in Venice and the bicycles in Amsterdam to river surfing in Munich. Our story of traveling around Europe came to life through the thread of transportation.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Beautiful Destinations, and to further this originality we made the creative decision to shoot this project predominantly on the GoPro Fusion (a 360-degree camera). The London introduction sequence is the only footage shot on a traditional DSLR camera (the Canon 1DX Mark II). Except for the aerial shots, everything else was shot in 360. Instead of creating a 360 VR experience, we wanted to take a new technology, push it to its limits, and come up with something unique and exciting. Editing this content is what truly differentiated the video and what gives it that trippy feeling. The project was completed solely in Adobe After Effects, a workflow that was very different than what we are used to doing.

Our vision for this video was to be a positive and fun celebration of traveling around Europe. We wanted to pay homage to British pop culture, referencing inspiration from Colin Firth in "The King's Speech," The Daily Prophet in the "Harry Potter" films, as well as Guy Ritchie's "Snatch."

As Beautiful Destinations pushes into the world of purpose-driven storytelling, we wanted to create something fun that would engage our community while also touching on an important cause — empowering young people to get out and have their voices heard. While on the trip, we stopped in Brussels to meet with the European Parliament to speak about programs that encourage today’s youth to express themselves, stand up for what they believe, and make an impact. During the visit, we learned about the declining numbers of youth participation in important global elections, and it was this that inspired us to help make a difference and encourage the next generation to vote. By making something fun and relatable, we hope we can spread the positive message of getting out there and expressing yourself.

Thank you very much to all the amazing people that helped us throughout this adventure:

The Beautiful Destinations Team
Tom Jauncey | Creator, Producer, and Director |
Jake Irish | Editor, Animator, Shooter, and Visual Effects|
Matias De Rada | Shooter |
Sage Stephens | Shooter |
Logan Armstrong | Editor and Sound Design |
Chris Shepherd | Sound Design |
Lizzy Cole | Graphics and Design |
Susan Salinas | Graphics and Design |
Meagan Bryan | Social Media |
Elizabeth Linder | Government Relations |
Gabor Harrach | Chief Content Officer |

The Music
"I Think I Like It" | Fake Blood |


Special Thanks To
Nigel Barker (Radio Voice):
Kay Van Huisseling (Shooter):
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