The exploding hammer festival, or "fiesta del martillo explosivo" in spanish, is an annual festival in San Juan de la Vega, Guanajuato, Mexico. Every February 28th, thousands of people visit this small little down to see locals tape home made explosives to sledgehammers, and slam then into the ground. The explosions are huge, and injuries are very common. It's a strange festival, and one of the most dangerous in the world

This particular date, is day to celebrate San Juan Bautista, aka John the Baptist, which the town was named after. No one can remember exactly how all the exploding started... but at one point it took place inside the city. Those who participated would follow the parade in the honour of the saint, blasting the hammers to celebrate. After a lot of damage to windows, people, and cars, they moved the hammers out into a field. Here, hundreds of men can detonate their explosives slightly more safely.

For travel vloggers like myself, it's the perfect place to be able to film all the action. I was so happy that I brought my GoPro to this event. I almost left it behind in fear that the blasts would destroy it. The little things are tough, and we got some great POV video of some of the locals and their hammers. We spent a lot of our time in the beautiful city of Celaya, which is nearby the festival. Highly recommend you check it out. The tourism board there went to great lengths to help us get the best video possible of the event!

Hope you enjoy this video. I stayed up all night to edit it. I love getting these crazy festival videos up ASAP after they happen. I still have adrenaline in my system! Enjoy the Boom!


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Check out my friend Ryan! Awesome guy, and also a traveller. He'll be making Mexico Vlogs very soon.

Ryan Thomas Woods: https://www.youtube.com/ryanthomaswoods

Also, the tourism board of Celaya was fantastic. This little town is beautiful and you should definitely check it out.

We crashed at the Hyatt Place in Celaya. Awesome hotel. Great wifi, cool staff, good food. It made it easy to get this video finished quickly!


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