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I'm in love with Mexico City. I moved here 2 months ago a noticed a huge abandoned building close to my house. It's a towering 17 stories, and it's crumbling concrete and smashed windows seem out of place in one of the best neighbourhoods in the city.

Urban Exploration is something I can't get enough of, so I started to ask questions. The story was much more complicated and interesting than I thought. It was so much more can just an abandoned apartment building. It was quite famous in CDMX, I had also seen a post by Vice Mexico about it in Spanish. I wanted to solve the mystery.

Insurgentes 300 is it's name. That comes from the name of the busy street it's located on, and also it's number on that street. This 500 room tower was built to be the biggest and most beautiful Condo in Latin America. Housing Doctors, Lawyers, and people of high class. In 1985, and earthquake of unprecedented magnitude rocked the city, toppling many building very similar to Insurgentes 300, thousands of people were trapped under the rubble. Our famous tower did not fall.

Unfortunately, it's foundation was badly damaged. The Mexican Government deemed it unsafe, it was evacuated, and condemned. No one was allowed to live there any longer.

Seizing the opportunity for free housing in a busy part of town, the filth of Mexico City ruled this abandoned building for the 30 years. Drug Dealers, Mafia, Criminals infested the building until very recently. Scary People. The word was that it was more dangerous inside the building, than out. The Police entered and purged the place only 4 years ago.

Now a brave group have begun renovating the building, floor by floor, trying to repair it enough to have the ban lifted. They want to return it to it's former glory. It will be a lot of work, and it will be a war to have the ban lifted.

I called up my friends Exploring with Josh and Exploring with Cody. We spoke to the caretakers, and they allowed us in for a tour. It was an amazing experience. We did our best to capture it. These are the reasons I travel.


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